This tool will become an etl-tool for Dynamics CRM at first. Later it may be possible to used it with targets different than CRM as well.

The tool has two components:
  • The ProjectDesigner is used to design the etl-steps
  • The ConsoleProjectStarter can be used to launch the project from the command-line. This can be useful to start it i.e. as scheduled-task.


The tool is made up of modules (red in the graphic below), so that it will be easy to extend it with new functionality.

IntegrationTool Architecture.png

Currently the tool supports the following types of modules:
  • Connections
  • Sources
  • Transformations
  • Targets
Each module is capsuled within an assembly, that implements the complete functionality of a module like the configuration-window and the execution-method. As entrypoint it must provide a class implementing the IModule-interface.

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