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The Integration tool for Dynamics CRM can insert, update & delete records in Dynamics CRM and migrate marketinglists with their members as well. But not only this, you can use it to execute sql-commands against any databases and execute Commandline commands with it as well!

  • Make sure .Net 4.5.2 is installed
  • If you find any errors, please post them under issues.
  • If you require any features, please post them under issues with the type feature.
  • If you have problems using the tool, please post under discussion.
Contributors are welcome!
If you'd like to contribute, please contact me and/or create a fork directly on github.

Sourcecode moved to Github:
Releases will be published here in future as well!


The tool is made up of modules (red in the graphic below), so that it will be easy to extend it with new functionality.

IntegrationTool Architecture.png

Currently the tool supports the following types of modules:
  • Connections
  • Sources
  • Transformations
  • Targets
Each module is capsuled within an assembly, that implements the complete functionality of a module like the configuration-window and the execution-method. As entrypoint it must provide a class implementing the IModule-interface.

Release History

New in Version 1.9
  • CRM Target: Fixed bug in relation mapping - Thank you Erik for posting the issue!

New in Version 1.8
New in Version 1.7
  • CRM Target: Fixed bug in DateTime conversion - Thank you Lis for posting the issue!

New in Version 1.6
  • Setup now creates Startmenu Integration Tool Designer
  • Improved UI, especially the menu
  • New Module "Execute CMD" (allows to execute any commandline command)
  • New Module "ODBC Execute"

New in Version 1.5
  • In case of error, an alternative path can be followed!
  • New Module "Load from ODBC"
  • New Module "MSSQL Execute" step
  • New Module "Send Email"
  • New Module "Write to eventlog" (needs elevated rights to write to the first time!)

New in Version 1.4
  • Connections are now saved in separate file to enable staging
  • Configurable if following items should be executed on error of previous item or not
  • Properties appear when selecting item
  • Stringtranformation-module can PadLeft and PadRight
  • PrimaryKeys in CrmTarget can now be deleted again
  • Improved testing a little
  • Change to beta as I need more feedback!

New in Version 1.3
  • Setup has now a UI
  • Tested with CRM 2015
  • SDK-Assemblies from CRM 2015. Older versions of CRM will still continue to work!
  • Bugfix Excel-Source: Crashes no longer when invalid file chosen.
  • Bugfix CRM-Target: When reopened, available primarykeys were not there.
  • Bugfix CRM-Target: Fault was there when importmode create was selected.
  • Bugfix: Cancels in step- and connectionconfigs work now correctly.

New in Version 1.2
  • Module ColumnConcatenation
  • Improved error handling
  • Improved display of run status
  • Improved icons
  • Fixed bug in sql-source

New in Version 1.1
  • Module StringTransformation
  • Module AddDefaultValue
  • Module SqlSource
  • New Feature DataFilter in Transformations

Contact me if you want to become a contributor!

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